• Beauty and the Bunker
    DB 100

    Beauty and the Bunker

    A contemporary New England home takes advantage of the property’s World War II legacy and incorporates modern, green design.

  • The Anti-Cubicle Farm
    Issue 29

    The Anti-Cubicle Farm

    A New York media company’s design opts for a layout that encourages creativity.

  • An Artist’s Haven
    Issue 29

    An Artist’s Haven

    Chicago’s Mana Contemporary provides locals with a massive space to work and create.

  • Briefly’s Unsung Essentials
    Issue 29

    Briefly’s Unsung Essentials

    The latest mini-documentary from Bassett & Partners examines the process that anchors almost all design projects: the brief.

  • Re-Imagined Upholstery
    Issue 29

    Re-Imagined Upholstery

    With the support of exclusive dealer Atelier, Arketipo transforms furniture fabric into a comforting accessory.

  • Interior, Meet Exterior
    DB 100

    Interior, Meet Exterior

    A strong connection between the indoors and the out defines this family home.

  • A New Palette
    DB 100

    A New Palette

    Colorful, custom accents bring focus to an open-ended assignment.

  • Design By Fire
    Issue 29

    Design By Fire

    Planika melds clean energy with high style in its latest incarnation of a smart fireplace.

  • Manifesting Sustainability
    Issue 29

    Manifesting Sustainability

    Built largely from shipping containers, the Manifesto House breathes on its own.

  • Blank Canvas
    DB 100

    Blank Canvas

    A smiple color scheme complements furnishings in a century-old Maine home.

  • Sinking into Customization
    Issue 29

    Sinking into Customization

    When it comes to basin personalization, Blanco is king.

  • Five-Star Design
    DB 100

    Five-Star Design

    A total transformation gives a drab home the luxurious feel of a top hotel.

  • Your Apartment—Cubed
    Issue 29

    Your Apartment—Cubed

    Graphic designer Till Könneker can morph your organizational essentials into one handy structure.

  • Halftime Facelift
    DB 100

    Halftime Facelift

    A boxy residential project gets a warm, family-friendly identity after a new designer takes over.

  • A Lasting Impression
    DB 100

    A Lasting Impression

    An eclectic mixture of patterns, furnishings, and materials come together to create a stylish interior.

  • Shock Rock
    DB 100

    Shock Rock

    Erin Martin Design compliments a modernist California home with a whirlwind of extraordinary flourishes.

  • Mid-Century Natural
    DB 100

    Mid-Century Natural

    A Beverly Hills home updates an old classic.

  • Reimagining the Bachelor Pad
    DB 100

    Reimagining the Bachelor Pad

    A game designer’s outdated home gets a sleek update.