• Pride Of The Prairie
    Special Edition

    Pride Of The Prairie

    The design of a Kansas museum celebrates the natural beauty of the state’s prairies.

  • Look To The Light
    Special Edition

    Look To The Light

    A Massachusetts temple is reborn as a center of light and community.

  • Going Public
    Special Edition

    Going Public

    Swiss artist Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann create installations that change the way people engage with space.

  • School of Style
    Special Edition

    School of Style

    The School of the Art Institute’s new student center grows out of creative input from the entire campus community.

  • Balancing Act
    Special Edition

    Balancing Act

    A quirky English vacation rental sparks a dialogue between the countryside and modernist architecture.

  • A Design Hits The Jackpot
    Special Edition

    A Design Hits The Jackpot

    Clever features and a surprisingly sustainable design make Rivers Casino a winner.

  • Paradise Found
    Special Edition

    Paradise Found

    Coastal design gets a colorful, modern twist at this oceanfront hotel

  • Oh My Gaudí!
    Special Edition

    Oh My Gaudí!

    After working with the Citadines hotel brand in France, Fusion Interiors Group takes inspiration from Barcelona’s most influential artist for its Spanish outpost.

  • Two For One
    Special Edition

    Two For One

    Tasked with turning one restaurant into two different concepts, Studio Collective opted for bold contrast.

  • Cheers to Green
    Special Edition

    Cheers to Green

    A LEED Platinum winery in the Virginia countryside drinks in its surroundings.

  • From Field To Table
    Special Edition

    From Field To Table

    A San Francisco architecture practice designs wineries, bars, and everything in between.

  • Shelf Life
    Special Edition

    Shelf Life

    Studio +tongtong looks to Bauhaus philosophy to create a flexible space for fashion boutique Annie Aime.

  • A Whole New Ball Game
    Special Edition

    A Whole New Ball Game

    Event venue design firm Populous builds stadiums of the future.

  • Cure For The Common Medical Center
    Special Edition

    Cure For The Common Medical Center

    With its cutting edge design, the new Center for Life Science resuscitates Boston’s medical district.

  • A Moveable Office
    Special Edition

    A Moveable Office

    Fun and flexibility highlight a Toronto office expansion.

  • Trade Secrets
    Special Edition

    Trade Secrets

    Designing her husband’s interior design showroom was an excuse in creativity for Randy Floyd.

  • Twist Of Freight
    Special Edition

    Twist Of Freight

    Stephen Dynia Architects turns a Denver freight terminal into a dynamic office environment.

  • Office Space Ambitions
    Special Edition

    Office Space Ambitions

    The combination of form and professional function in this Chicago law office was hardly business as usual.