Inspiration - Design Bureau
  • Infographics in Context

    Infographics in Context

    These inspired infographics from Danish graphic designer Peter Orntoft cleverly merge statistics and photography

  • Wedding Invitation = Confetti

    Wedding Invitation = Confetti

    An unique wedding invitation in two parts from Spanish design studio La caja de tipos

  • Dialogue: Product Placement

    Dialogue: Product Placement

    Julie Taraska and Kimberly Oliver are behind Product Placement, a blog and series of design events focused on the process rather than the finished product

  • From Inhabitable to Wearable

    From Inhabitable to Wearable

    For her new S/S 2011 line, architect-turned-fashion designer Lara Presber found inspiration in structural forms

  • Wayne Belger’s Bloodworks: Africa

    Wayne Belger’s Bloodworks: Africa

    Help fund artist Wayne Belger’s incredible new photographic project, Bloodworks: Africa, via Kickstarter

  • Decked Out

    Decked Out

    These skateboard enthusiasts have breathed new life into broken decks

  • DB & Post 27 Present: Vignette

    DB & Post 27 Present: Vignette

    On April 28, Design Bureau, in conjunction with Post 27, will host a one-of-a-kind celebration of furniture, fashion, and fine art

  • Electrolux ReSource Kitchen

    Electrolux ReSource Kitchen

    Presented by Electrolux, nine incredible kitchen concepts designed by graduate students at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy

  • Xylophones & Cellphones

    Xylophones & Cellphones

    Take a musical journey through the forest with a new ad for Docomo’s Touch Wood SH-08C cellphone

  • Art Director Picks: Leather

    Art Director Picks: Leather

    Design Bureau’s former Art Director, Bojan Radojcic, selects accessories in a mix of shapes and hides

  • Kevin O’Callaghan’s Bizarro Art

    Kevin O’Callaghan’s Bizarro Art

    Design veteran and SVA professor Kevin O’Callaghan on the art of creative conservation

  • Studio Tour: Grip Design

    Studio Tour: Grip Design

    Lighthearted quirks inspire a hardworking group of creatives in Grip Design’s Chicago studio

  • Spoonful of Sugar

    Spoonful of Sugar

    See how an art student channels Mary Poppins in hopes of putting a smile on New Yorkers’ faces

  • Pothole Warning System

    Pothole Warning System

    A signage system and crowd-sourcing website designed to warn motorists of hazardous road conditions

  • Minjjoo Door

    Minjjoo Door

    From a German design studio comes this door within a door, perfectly proportioned for kids and adults alike

  • Gift Guide 2010

    Gift Guide 2010

    Design Bureau‘s first annual holiday gift guide!

  • Origami-Inspired Decor

    Origami-Inspired Decor

    The art of Japanese paper-folding gets an updated twist with products for the home.

  • RGB Wallpaper

    RGB Wallpaper

    Italian-designed, light-sensitive wallpaper that reveals its three layers one color at a time